African Journal Archive


A retrospective digitization project focusing on exclusively African Journals

Why is there a need for another African Online journal project?

Sabinet Gateway and the Carnegie Corporation believe that

  • there is a significant social and educational need in Africa and throughout the world to preserve journal literature emanating from publishers and societies in Africa;
  • there is a pressing need to make the information in such journals more accessible to teachers, researchers, scholars, students  and professional bodies both in Africa and internationally;
  • the Publisher is in the business of publishing journals, owns certain rights in such journals, and wishes to preserve them and increase accessibility to them through electronic means;
  • Sabinet Gateway is in the business of hosting digitized copies of journals and facilitating electronic access to the contents of these journals.

The African Journal Archive project will digitise and host back issues of journal titles publsihed in Africa starting with the first issue if it can be located. The intention is to avoid duplication of online content, but rather to compliment other archival collections.  International digitisation and metadata standards will be adopted to ensure harvesting, linking and interoperability with other collections.


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Will the Archive be available on Open Access?

Users will have controlled free access to the material as long as this is financially sustainable. This means that although registration will be required, there will be no costs involved in accessing the material.

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Will the Publisher be paid a proportion of the subscription charged by Sabinet Gateway?

There will be no subscriptions to access the archive and thus no proportion payable to the publishers. There is however, a significant financial benefit to participating publishers as the digitisation and hosting fee is waived.  The availability of the publication online increases visibility and could lead to subscriptions to current material.

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Will publishers have access to the digitised material?

Will publishers have access to the digitised material?

Sabinet Gateway provides each participating publisher/organisation with its digitised material:

  1. in PDF format including optical character recognition
  2. in TIFF format for preservation purposes, and
  3. secure offsite storage at Sabinet Gateway for a second preservation copy

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How far back will publications be digitised?

Publications will be digitised from the first issue (if available) and end with the last issue published in 2007.

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We currently earn a small but very useful royalty from publishing in partnership with Sabinet Online’s SAePublications service? We would not want to see our income reduced because we participate in the archive project.

The African Journal Archive’s coverage will be from the first issue/volume and end with the last issue of 2007. Publishers continue and are encouraged to derive revenue from their collections hosted on SAePublications or other online platforms.

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Where would we be in the queue for processing the back numbers?

We have an implementation schedule which is updated as agreements are signed. When you decide to sign the agreement, the digitisation of your journal will be scheduled.

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Who will pay for the digitisation of the Journals?

Sabinet Gateway will digitise retrospective paper copies of the publication at its sole expense.  It is Sabinet Gateway’s intent to create a faithful electronic replication of the Publication in all respects, including text, look and formatting.

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What rights will the Publisher grant to Sabinet Gateway?

A non-exclusive, worldwide licence to:

  1. create the Publication Archive, including the rights to scan the Publication and to convert the information and images in the Publication into ASCII or tag or mark up such ASCII text in SGML or its equivalent, to produce a computer searchable index of or including the Publication, and to store the Publication by means of Electronic Technologies,
  2. use, and to authorize use by third parties of, the Publication Archive by means of Electronic Technologies, including rights to reproduce, display, transmit and distribute the Publication in connection with producing, transmitting, distributing and marketing the Publication Archive, and
  3. combine the Publication Archive with other publications in an electronic database. 

An exclusive, irrevocable, world-wide license to:

       use the ASCII version of Publication created by Sabinet Gateway in any manner that is consistent with the terms of the Agreement .


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Are there any restrictions associated with entering this agreement with Sabinet Gateway?

Either party has the right to terminate this Agreement upon giving at least six (6) months prior written notice to the other party. In this case, the Publisher will not use, license, assign, sell, or distribute the Materials [i.e. publisher may not give the preservation copy (in ASCII of tiff format) to another service provider] for a period of three (3) years from the date of such termination.

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